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My mission as a Healing Journey Mentor is to help people heal their "heart matters"
 so that they can align with their divine design.

When that happens for you, you fulfill your God-given potential and live in love, joy, and peace.

You become Aligned with Your Divine Design.TM

This is your birthright.

Healing happens on three levels: spirit, soul, and body.

In that order.

When your spirit is connected to God's Spirit, then your spirit directs the healing of your soul (mind, emotions) and body.

Everything I do addresses is geared toward helping you heal on each of these levels.

So how can I bless your life in this way?

Spirit and Soul Healing

True healing starts on the inside, with healing the negative images, wrong beliefs, painful memories from our past.

I call these "heart issues," and healing heart issues is the focus of my work.

Feel free to check that out here and get free, ongoing email coaching to heal the "heart issues" the block you from experiencing your birthright.

healing heart issues blog image

These "heart issues" are often unconscious, yet they are sending out silent stress signals to your body (called cellular memories) that affect you in every way. They tax your immune system and can "turn on" any genes you may have inherited that can lead to disease.

There are several excellent tools that I've been trained in that quickly, easily and effectively neutralize the negative cellular memories so that your body can devote more of its resources to healing itself. Healing cellular memories also removes the spiritual blocks that get in the way of receiving healing and grace from the only Healer, God Himself.

Over and over, I have found with clients that when the "heart issues" heal, everything gets better.

They can experience more love from God and others. They can love and care for themselves. Their health improves. (Some even experience near-miraculous healings, such as the hole in my heart--PFO--healing. Or a young child's strabismus reversing in a matter of months.) They become more successful.

If you would like to know more about The Healing Codes and my Healing Codes Coaching, go here. You can find out all about this wonderful tool, and sign up for a free 5-lesson email course called, "Getting Started with The Healing Codes."

Healing Codes Coaching is work I was born to do. Everything I have done in my life feeds into my work as a Healing Codes Coach-Practitioner, as I explain in my "About" page

I have hundreds of clients in 37 countries (to date) from all over the world, and count it a privilege and huge blessing to participate in and facilitate their healing. No matter what your spiritual orientation, I will provide a safe, loving atmosphere conducive to healing. 

Body Healing: Equipping Your Body to Heal Itself

HALO Wellness Coaching

Do you believe that God designed your body to know how to heal itself, if we take away the wrong things and add enough of the right things?

Do you believe that just perhaps, God put into His creation what human beings need for healing and wellness, and that He might have shown his faithful servants how to make this goodness available?

If you do, then you will be interested in learning more about the HALO Light Systems, a truly revolutionary product that uses photon light to deliver the essences of various botanicals, known for decades and even centuries for their therapeutic properties, to empower to body's own healing abilities.

Just as there was a "click" in my soul when I heard about The Healing Codes and Immanuel Prayer, so I felt it again when I heard about HALO, and I knew I had to somehow get and try this.

What "clicked" was that it would be just like God to bring something marvelous (the HALO) out of something tragic (inventor Michael Thomas's loss of his son), using His creation (plants and light).

Then I heard about what it did for Michael Thomas ... (just search for his Youtube videos).

Read all about the HALO and its inventor, as well as my coaching, here.

halo light in case


I see the HALO as the perfect complement to my Healing Codes work: While the Healing Codes rid the body of the unconscious stress from negative memories, images and beliefs, the HALO puts INTO the body the botanical-based harmonies it needs to heal itself.



Are You a Highly Sensitive Person?

I'm not talking about whether you get your feelings hurt easily. I'm talking about an inborn trait that approximately 20% of the population share, that is characterized by four attributes. Find out what these are here.

More and more of my work is moving toward working with Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) because:

  • there is so little support for them (though thankfully, this is changing).
  • I am one, and my husband and son are Highly Sensitive.
  • HSPs feel and process so much on a deep level, and any traumas they've experienced goes deep.

But so does the healing! Research shows that HSPs actually benefit the most from interventions such as The Healing Codes. The Healing Codes were originally given to Dr. Alex Loyd after he prayed for 12 years for a way to cure his wife's depression (and she is an HSP herself). My HSP clients who have tried a lot of things tell me that The Healing Codes work best for them, and I concur. If you would like to know more about this trait, click here

Want to Connect with God in a Deeper Way?

immanuel prayerIf you already have a commitment to Jesus but long to know him in a deeper, more personal way, Immanuel Prayer might be just what you're looking for.

IMMANUEL PRAYER is connecting personally and interactively with Jesus and removing barriers and hindrances to an intimate, interactive lifestyle of connection with Him. The goal is to build and deepen a securely attached relationship with Jesus, one that increases capacity to stay connected to Him, even in difficult life situations or painful memories.

Go here to find out more about Immanuel Prayer and how I do it.

For Your Spiritual Edification

Diane the writer has always been all about helping you connect with God through your own story, through seeing His hand in your life, through heaing His voice. To that end, I've written a number of books, and have an ongoing Abundant Gifts blog.

abundant gifts blog

 With my Abundant Gifts blog, I share stories of God's goodness and grace in my life, the process I started with my book, Abundant Gifts. There you can also get the Abundant Gifts Journal and sign up for Abundant Gifts from the Word daily email devotionals.

abundant gifts by diane eble cover


Abundant Gifts is the book of my heart to this day. It lays the groundwork for Immanuel Prayer, giving you examples of "appreciation moments" that can point the way to build on in your own life.

This is what Jan Karon, author of the wildly popular Mitford series, said about this book: "God speaks to me through Diane's pen." That was such a precious endorsement, because my interview with Jan Karon for one of my other books, Behind the Stories, showed me what a deep and inspiriational person she herself is.

  Find out about some of my other books here.

Looking for a Publishing Coach?

book publishing coach image  

Although I am not actively doing any personal publishing coaching, I do have some resources that will help you if you are an author or aspiring author. After all, "Your Book Publishing Coach" is the "hat" I wore for 35 years!

Find out more about how I can help you as "your book publishing coach" now.


The Thread That Runs through Everything

thread the runs through diane ebles story

If I were to say what is the thread that runs through my story, it would be a passion for learning, and to help people achieve their potential.

To do that, you need healing in spirit, soul and body. I call it Trifecta Healing, because it covers all areas, and there has to be a certain order to it.

Scripture gives the correct order, in 1 Thessalonians 5:3: spirit, soul, and body.

It starts with the Heart, the human spirit, which is meant to be connected to God's Spirit.

When our human spirit is rightly aligned with God's Spirit, our human spirit can then provide proper direction to the soul (mind--the conscious part of us), and the body.

And that radiates not only to the body, but also to your relationships.

I see it all as a flow: God's Spirit to our spirit, our spirit to soul and body, then radiating out to the world through our relationships. A flow of blessing, from God, to us, through us, to others.

That's how God has always intended things to be.

My current mission is to come alongside you to help you overcome whatever is holding back this flow. God wants fullness of life for you, and He has given us tools to heal the things that get in the way of that connection to the fullness--which of course, dwells in Him.

In Healing Codes work, one thing one may do is focus on a Truth Focus Statement. My favorite, which sums up all I wish for myself, family, friends and clients, is this: 

The life-giving light of the Lord God Almighty shines in all the darkness, and brings complete healing, peace, and right relationships with God, self, and others.

This is the heart of what I do. It is my prayer that I and the tools God has given me will be the catalysts for God to shine His life-giving light into the hearts, souls and even bodies of many people, to bring that complete healing, peace, and right relationships with God, self, and others. (The well-being captured in the rich Hebrew word, Shalom.)

Do you feel a tug on your heart for me to bring that Shalom, Trifecta Healing to you, too? 

Which Hat Fits You Best?


Yes, I've worn many "hats." Perhaps one will fit you ...

healing code book cover


If you have a health, relationship, or success issue you want healed, check out my Healing Heart Issues blog and my Healing Codes Coaching. (Another good place to start is to get The Healing Code book.) Contact me at .



halo blue kitIf you are looking for a HALO Wellness Coach, please go to my Halo Coaching page to find out more about that.

Visit to find out about this remarkable new invention and its inventor, Michael Thomas, who was declared cancer-free after using his invention for 9 months.  And sign up for my HALO interview in which I share some of my own results, and will keep you updated on more HALO information. 


immanuel prayer 

If you want to explore an Immanuel Prayer session, with or without a custom Healing Code (we can do it over the phone or via Skype, sometimes in person) contact me via email:      

Please put "Immanuel Prayer" in the subject line. 



abundant gifts

For your spiritual edification, check out my Abundant Gifts blog and my Abundant Gifts from the Word daily email devotionals. 

Read my books abundant gifts by diane eble coverabundant gifts second edition

Abundant Gifts has always been the book of my heart. It was published twice--hence, the two different covers.

 I hope the stories in here will open your eyes to the wonderful gifts that God serves up to you every day ... if only you will learn to see them.




knowing the voice of God by diane eble


Knowing the Voice of God: Discover God's Unique Language for You is another one of the "books of my heart." Though it's out of print, you can still order it from me, here. While supplies last!





MotherStyles was the book I wrote for Janet Penley, who is an expert in applying personality types (ala Myers-Briggs) to parenting.

That book was a joy to work on, and so helpful to me in my mothering career and to many, many others. I'm happy to say it's still in print, and you can order from Amazon here.



Get writing and publishing coaching here

your book publishing coach helps


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