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Immanuel Prayer Minister & Ambassador

What Is Immanuel Prayer?

"IMMANUEL" MEANS "God is with us," and is one of the names of the Messiah prophesied in Isaiah 7:14. In Matthew 1:23, the name is specifically given to Jesus.

So Immanuel Prayer is connecting personally and interactively with Jesus and removing barriers and hindrances to an intimate, interactive lifestyle of connection with Him. The goal is to build and deepen a securely attached relationship with Jesus, one that increases capacity to stay connected to Him, even in difficult life situations or painful memories.

Much healing happens with this secure attachment. Deeper healing, quicker healing, more permanent healing than with any other healing method I know of.

I have taken advanced training with both Alive & Well and Dr. Karl Lehman, and continue to hone my facilitator skills with practice sessions several times a month with other Immanuel Prayer facilitators.

Personally, I can attest that nothing has helped me get and stay grounded in God than Immanuel Prayer. Below is a very personal video of my recounting a wonderful IP session that happened just a few days after a terrible tragedy. The image of "King Jesus Facing Down Evil" is one I have hung onto ever since the tragedy. It has made a huge difference in my ability to face other very difficult things in my life.

Watch "King Jesus Faces Down Evil" (4:29 minutes)

To learn more about the science and practice of Immanuel Prayer (or Immanuel Approach, as Dr. Karl Lehman who developed it calls it), click here to download Dr. Karl Lehman's introductory essay.


Immanuel Prayer with Healing Codes

I have found that doing a Healing Code at the beginning of an Immanuel Prayer session removes any blockages to connecting with Jesus.

Thus, with my Healing Code clients and any who are open to it,  I have a special way of incorporating The Healing Codes at the beginning of an Immanuel Prayer session. 
Then we go into the Immanuel Prayer time. At the end, if you choose this option, I can give a custom, live, Coach-Guided  Healing Code to cement and deepen what Jesus did in Immanuel Prayer, and to continue to work on the issues that may have come up in the session. 
Including a Healing Code is optional, but for many, is optimal. At present, I am the only person on the planet who combines Immanuel Prayer with The Healing Codes. Those who have experienced it have grown leaps and bounds by it. (You can read about some other examples of what has come out of Immanuel Prayer here.) 

How to Schedule an Immanuel Prayer Session

Ordering an Immanuel Prayer session is easy; just click below!

Option #1: Immanuel Prayer session--$250 (no Healing Code)

Option #2: Coach-Guided Healing Code + Immanuel Prayer session-$300

If you have further questions, you may send an email to me,  and put "immanuel Prayer" in the subject line.

Unless you ask me not to, I will incorporate a Healing Code with it, for the reasons mentioned above. If you are not familiar with The Healing Codes, you can get up to speed by getting my free email 5-part course called, "Getting Started with The Healing Codes."


When your order for an Immanuel prayer session goes through, you will be sent to a web page with further instructions, handouts, and a Consent/Disclaimer form to return to me. When I receive that signed form, I will call you to schedule our session. We can do it over the phone, via video conferencing, or in person. (Note: in person availability is somewhat restricted. Usually I can do it over the phone or video conference.)

Your session will be recorded and sent to you afterward, so that you can review it. (Voice only recording.) 

"My husband told me, 'of all the things you have tried for healing, doing Immanuel Prayer with Diane has had the most impact.'"--J.H., United Kingdom

Want to Know More about Immanuel?

The Immanuel Approach: For Emotional Healing and for Life by Dr. Karl Lehman If you want to know more about Immanuel Prayer, I commend to you Dr. Karl Lehman's book,  Immanuel Approach. This "big lion book," is a reference manual that will tell you everything you ever need to know about this approach from the psychiatrist who started the whole thing.

Dr. Lehman has another excellent book, Outsmarting Yourself, that I highly recommend. well.

Finally, explore his websites:

Immanuel Approach 

I am so convinced of the power of Immanuel Prayer that I have become an "Ambassador" for Alive & Well, one of the main arms that provides training in the Immanuel Lifestyle and prayer ministry training.