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Check out her two blogs.

abundant gifts blog


With my Abundant Gifts blog, I share stories of God's goodness and grace in my life, the process I started with my book, Abundant Gifts. There you can also get the Abundant Gifts Journal and sign up for Abundant Gifts from the Word daily email devotionals.

healing heart issues blog image

My Healing Heart Issues blog is about that--healing.

It's about healing AT the source.

By this I mean I want to get at the root causes. Among the main root causes, I believe, of just about any issue, are the unhealed, usually unconscious wounds from negative images, memories, feelings, and wrong beliefs.

These are the kinds of things we address with The Healing Codes.

And these are the kinds of things I address in my blog posts.

I have also become very interested in getting at the root cause of illnesses in other ways, so when I find resources that come from this perspective that I think will help people heal, I write about that, too.

Healing Heart Issues is also about healing from the Source. God is the source of all health, all healing, all life. So anything that will help people connect with the Source of health and healing, I like to write about.

So check out the blogs, follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook, and I'll keep you abreast of what I feel God is giving me to share.