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We all have a story.

I want to help you fully discover and live yours.

And here's mine, so you see where I'm coming from.

  Diane the Author

 behind the stories cover  abundant gifts by diane eble cover  motherstyles

Ever since I was young, I was a writer. I kept journals (still do), and dreamed of becoming an author.

I graduated summa cum laude from the University of Connecticut, and worked for a publisher (InterVarsity Press) in a number of capacities: produced a radio show (which now would be a podcast), wrote marketing copy, and managed a book club.

Then I moved into a position with a magazine (Campus Life) and started writing. Won several awards and published articles not only in Campus Life, but other magazines as well, such as Christianity Today and Marriage Partnership.

knowing the voice of God by diane ebleI went freelance when I had my first child and continued writing. I published several books, my favorites being Knowing the Voice of God, MotherStyles: Using Personality Type to Discover Your Parenting Strenghts (as the "with" author for Janet Penley), and the book of my heart, Abundant Gifts.

In this era I also edited books, fiction and nonfiction, and wrote marketing copy. I also studied copywriting, and found myself drawn more and more to the art of persuasive writing and marketing.

All of which prepared me to become a ...

Book Publishing Coach/Interviewer

When people started coming to me to find out how to publish a book, and when I realized I'd had extensive experience in just about every aspect of writing, publishing, and promoting books (except on the retail end), I morphed into a book publishing coach.

If you are an author or aspiring author, you can find more about the articles, teleseminars, and products I've provided for authors and potential authors at While I don't do much anymore in this arena, much of what I've written is still useful.

As a publishing coach, I also got started doing Virtual Book Tours and interviews with authors, which were fascinating and fun. I interviewd best-selling authors such as George Barna, Dinesh D'Souza (What's So Great about Christianity?), Cec Murphy (90 Minutes in Heaven), William Paul Young (The Shack), and Dr. Alex Loyd (The Healing Code). 

Publishing Coach + The Healing Code 

healing code book cover

Always one to be open to new things, in 2004 I heard a fascinating teleseminar in which Dr. Alex Loyd explained a new method of healing that very much interested me. It seemed free from the "hype" and "mysticism" of what little I'd heard about "energy healing." I told a friend about The Healing Codes, she bought the package (which I could not afford at the time), and started telling me about all the wonderful results she and her family were experiencing.

Eventually, in June 2007, I started doing The Healing Codes, finally convinced it was compatible with my spiritual beliefs.  My full story is on the testimonial page, but the short of it is, I had a dramatic healing of a hole in my heart, called a PFO, which was verified by my doctors.

That explains only in part why I'm enthusiastic about The Healing Codes.

I contacted Dr. Alex Loyd in 2008 about a matter and frankly, I did not expect an answer. You know when you fill out those forms on a website, you wonder if anyone ever even sees them.

Dr. Loyd responded right away and we discussed my concerns. Then he found out I was a publishing coach and editor, and said, "I've been writing a book on The Healing Code for six years. Can you help me get it published?"

So I became the book shepherd, lovingly editing and seeing it through the publishing process with an independent publisher, then republished by a major New York publisher, Hachette. The Healing Code was launched in mid-2010 and hit #1 in 11 categories in Amazon and was on the bestseller list in Germany for months on end. The Healing Code is now being printed in 29 countries and 24 languages.

I believe the book has taken off because people buy the book, try the universal Healing Code that's given, find it works, and tell other people about it. Word of mouth has always been the best advertisement for a book. (Just read the 1000+ 4- and 5-star reviews on Amazon.)

The theory is revolutionary, in my opinion. It so fascinated me that I trained to become a Healing Codes Coach-Practitioner, certified by Dr. Loyd himself in 2010.

Certified Healing Codes Coach-Practitioner

free heart issues finder assessment

I now help people deal with the source of their issues. I seek to do so lovingly, in the utmost confidentiality and integrity.

It is work I was born to do. Everything I have done in my life feeds into my work as a Healing Codes Coach-Practitioner. 

My training as a literature major, where as a University Scholar at the University of Connecticut I got to design my own studies, allowed me to concentrate on myth and authors like C.S. Lewis. I studied Carl Jung as well. All of this gave me a great basis for understanding what I call "the language of the heart"--metaphor, images, associations (see my article, "Illness as Metaphor").

I was privileged to conduct the Virtual Book Tour for Dr. Loyd, as well as as other interviews with him on publishing and on the spiritual underpinnings of The Healing Codes.

My years of writing and marketing also prepared me to bring this message of what "the heart" is and how to heal it to many people. I have hundreds of clients in countries all over the world, and count it a privilege and huge blessing to participate in and facilitate their healing.

Immanuel Prayer Minister & Ambassador

In 2012 I attended a Deeper Walk International conference, and was introduced to a process called Immanuel Prayer. Immediately I knew that this was something I wanted to learn more about. I took the Immanuel Lifestyle course that was available online at the time, and then took the training to become an Immanuel Prayer Minister.

Now I facilitate what I call Immanuel Connections through what is called Immanuel Prayer or Immanuel Approach.

IMMANUEL PRAYER is connecting personally and interactively with Jesus and removing barriers and hindrances to an intimate, interactive lifestyle of connection with Him. The goal is to build and deepen a securely attached relationship with Jesus, one that increases capacity to stay connected to Him, even in difficult life situations or painful memories.

With my Healing Code clients and any who are open to it,  I have a special way of incorporating The Healing Codes at the beginning of an Immanuel Prayer session, to remove any blockages to the person connecting with Jesus. Then we go into the Immanuel Prayer time. At the end, if warranted, I give them a custom Healing Code to continue to work on the issues that may have come up in the session. Including a Healing Code is optional, but for many, is optimal. At present, I am the only person on the planet who combines Immanuel Prayer with The Healing Codes. Those who have experienced it have grown leaps and bounds by it. (You can read about some other examples of what has come out of Immanuel Prayer here.)

HALO Wellness Coach

halo system


In March, 2017, Dr. Alex Loyd told us Healing Codes coaches about an invention he had been testing for more than a year, that was something he'd waited all his life to find.

It's called the HALO Light Systems, a truly revolutionary product that uses photon light to deliver the essences of various botanicals, known for decades and even centuries for their therapeutic properties, to empower to body's own healing abilities.

Just as when I heard about The Healing Codes, and Immanuel Prayer, there was a "click" in my soul, and I knew I had to somehow get and try this.

What "clicked" was that it would be just like God to bring something marvelous (the HALO) out of something tragic (inventor Michael Thomas's loss of his son), using His creation (light and plants).

Then I heard about what it did for Michael Thomas: after 9 months of using his new device (then still in development) on himself--he was declared free of the 3 cancers doctors said was terminal.

Read all about the HALO and its inventor here, at

That day I also heard about what it did for other people I respected. So I tried it for myself.

All I can say is the results have been fantastic. Not just for myself, but for my friends who come over for their HALO treatments, and to treat water. (There is a way to get the botanical essences into your drinking water, too, so my friends come over to "HALO-ize" their water. They get benefits from just drinking the water.)

You can sign up here for a teleseminar I did with Robert Quintanilla from HALO, in which I revealed some of my results and Robert answered questions, here. You will also get my testimonials, including pictures, and details of my "moldy sponge experiment."

Because of the results I saw in myself, my family (including my cat, who can't seem to get enough of the HALO water), friends and clients, I jumped at the opportunity to become one of the first HALO Wellness Coaches. I was certified in October 2017. (Interesting, the same month I had been certified as a Healing Codes Coach, 7 years before.)

I see the HALO as the perfect complement to my Healing Codes work: While the Healing Codes rid the body of the unconscious stress from negative memories, images and beliefs, the HALO puts INTO the body the botanical-based harmonies it needs to heal itself.

Find out more about my HALO Coaching here.

The Thread That Runs through Everything 

thread the runs through diane ebles story

If I were to say what is the thread that runs through my story, it would be a passion for learning, and to help people achieve their potential, so they can "align with their divine design" and experience being Loved by God and Express that in the world in their own unique way.

To do that, you need healing in spirit, soul and body. It starts with the Heart, and radiates to the body and to your relationships.

I want to come alongside you to help you overcome whatever has held you back. God wants fullness of life for you, and He has given us tools to heal the things that get in the way of that connection to the fullness--which of course, dwells in Him.

In Healing Codes work, one thing one may do is focus on a Truth Focus Statement. My favorite, which sums up all I wish for myself, family, friends and clients, is this:


The life-giving light of the Lord God Almighty shines in all the darkness, and brings complete healing, peace, and right relationships with God, self, and others.

This is the heart of what I do. It is my prayer that I and the tools God has given me will be the catalysts for God to shine His life-giving light into the hearts, souls and even bodies of many people, to bring that complete healing, peace, and right relationships with God, self, and others. (The well-being captured in the rich Hebrew word, Shalom.)

Do you feel a tug on your heart for me to bring that Shalom to you, too? 

Which Hat Fits You Best?


Yes, I've worn many "hats." Perhaps one will fit you ...

healing code info


If you have a health, relationship, or success issue you want healed, check out my Healing Heart Issues blog and my Healing Codes Coaching. (Another good place to start is to get The Healing Code book.) Contact me at .



halo wellness coachingIf you are looking for a HALO Wellness Coach, please go to my Halo Coaching page to find out more about that.

Visit to find out about this remarkable new invention and its inventor, Michael Thomas, who was declared cancer-free after using his invention for 9 months.  And sign up for my HALO interview in which I share some of my own results, and will keep you updated on more HALO information. 

immanuel prayer 

If you want to explore an Immanuel Prayer session, with or without a custom Healing Code (we can do it over the phone or via Skype, sometimes in person) contact me via email:      

Please put "Immanuel Prayer" in the subject line. 



abundant gifts

For your spiritual edification, check out my Abundant Gifts blog and my Abundant Gifts from the Word daily email devotionals. 

Read my books abundant gifts by diane eble coverabundant gifts second edition

   Abundant Gifts has always been the book of my heart. It was published twice, the second time after best-selling author Jan Karon endorsed it, saying, "God speaks to me from Diane's pen."

 Ihope the stories in here will open your eyes to the wonderful gifts that God serves up to you every day ... if only you will learn to see them.


knowing the voice of God by diane eble


Knowing the Voice of God: Discover God's Unique Language for You is another one of the "books of my heart." Though it's out of print, you can still order it from me, here. While supplies last!





MotherStyles was the book I wrote for Janet Penley, who is an expert in applying personality types (ala Myers-Briggs) to parenting.

That book was a joy to work on, and so helpful to me in my mothering career and to many, many others. I'm happy to say it's still in print, and you can order from Amazon here.



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